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Selection of multiple subsidiaries on account records

posted Feb 5, 2014, 11:50 AM by Matthew Marchant
A limitation of NS one world is the selection of multiple subsidiaries on account records.
The subsidiary field is multiple-select but does not allow the search of subsidiaries and is very difficult to use, especially in the context of a large organization with large amounts of subsidiaries and accounts.
The solution I have put together works in 3 steps:
1) A Suitelet that creates a Matrix of all subsidiaries and accounts.  Down the 1st column are the Accounts and across the 1st row are the Subsidiaries.  The Matrix entries are simply X's.  The Matrix is a CSV file and when created is stored in the file cabinet and sent to the user by email.
2) A set of Excel VBA macros that creates the necessary CSV file for updating the Subsidiaries per Account via CSV upload, following the user update of the Matrix in Excel.
3) A CSV update import mapping.